All purchases are to be paid in full in U.S. funds on the day of the auction in CASH, CASHIERS CHECK or BANK WIRE (Company and Personal checks only when accompanied by a Bank Guarantee Letter, No Exceptions).  Please make checks payable to Pro Team Auction Company


The purchaser shall not be entitled to possession on any part or parts of any of his purchases until the total purchase price of all his purchases has been fully paid.

Sales Tax:
All items are subject to state and local tax law. The Tennessee Sales Tax (Jefferson County) is 9.75% and applies to all sales, unless proper tax exemption forms are completed.

All Farmers must bring their new Tennessee Agricultural Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption cards or sales tax will be charged.

The Tennessee Sales Tax (Jefferson County) is 9.75% on first $3200.00 and 7% for the remainder of the amount above $3200.00. This is calculated on a per item basis, and applies to all sales, unless proper tax exemption forms are completed (ie: Tennessee Farmer’s Exemption Card, Dealer Resale Certificate, or Bill of Lading for Export).

*For Tax Exemption:

If you are a Dealer:

1)Fax a copy of your business’s Resale Certificate OR Dealer’s Tax Exemption Form to (865) 674-0727 or

2) Go to and send completed

If you are a Farmer:

1)You must provide your Tennessee Agricultural Exemption Card at time of purchase or fax to (865) 674- 0727 or Email to We cannot accept a Famers Card from any other state.

2)You may also register for this at

If you are an Exporter:

1)You must hire a Common Carrier to remove your equipment and have them supply Pro Team Auction Co. with a Bill of Lading. Otherwise, you are subject to Tennessee State Sales Tax of 9.75% under the TN Sales & Use Tax Regulations.

We appreciate your patronage.


Notice to Inspect:

Auctioneer presents all information in brochures, catalogs, and other advertisements from sources believed to be accurate. These are not representations of the auctioneer. Therefore, prospective buyers are urged to inspect the items to their own satisfaction. All items are available for public inspection and the foregoing are merely guides. Any condition set forth on any item is in no way a warranty or guarantee – actual or implied.

All items are sold “as-is where-is” without any representation or warranties of any kind or nature, expressed or implied, including without limitation any implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular payee. The description of items appearing in the catalog and in our advertising prior to this sale are believed to be correct. Nevertheless, neither those descriptions nor any oral statements made by owner or auctioneer concerning any item shall be construed as a warranty, either expressed or implied. It is the purchasers responsibility to inspect.

Owner Responsibility and Removal:
Purchases become the responsibility of and shall be and remain at the risk of the purchaser immediately upon acceptance of his bid. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to insure his purchases immediately. All purchases must be removed from the auction site within the time and in according to the procedures announced. All cost, responsibility, and risk pertaining to removal shall be borne by the purchaser. A purchaser is deemed to have accepted a lot when he makes his bid. Manner of Offering: The auctioneer reserves the right to group lots, make lots smaller or to add or delete to lots of the property to be sold at his discretion as well as the right to offer individually and/or by group. He also reserves the right not to accept or acknowledge any bid which is merely a fractional advance over the preceding bid.

Disputes Between Bidders:
The auctioneer shall designate the purchaser after each item of merchandise is auctioned. If a dispute arises between
bidders, the auctioneer will have to reopen the bidding or designate the purchaser. His designation is final.

The auctioneer shall have the right to resell any property not paid for on the sale day as required by this contract. The defaulting purchaser agrees to indemnify and hold auctioneer harmless for any expenses of resale and collection and any damages resulting from sale.

Buyers Premium:
ALL Lots/Items have a 10% buyers premium. Online Bidders will be charged an additional 2% Internet Purchase Fee on all online purchases.


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