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Location: 5867 54 Ave. North  St. Petersburg , FL  33709

Inspection will be held on Friday, January 13th from 8:30-4:30.

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Rental Equipment

2010 Bobcat S250 Skid Steer Loader, w/GP Bucket, Only 311 Hours, s/nA5GM35848

2009 Bobcat S130 Skid Steer Loader, w/GP Bucket, 672 Hours, s/nA3KY20327

QTY. (2) Bobcat 463 Skid Steer Loaders, w/GP Buckets, 1916 Hours, s/n522211085

And s/n522213234

Hydraulic Breaker, Fits Skid Steer Loader

QTY (2) Boxer TL224 Mini-Skid Steer Loader, w/Bucket, 424 Hours, s/n891 and 473 Hours, s/n893

Hydraulic Post Hole Digger, Fits Mini-Skid Steer Loader

Assortment of Auger Bits

QTY . (2) IHI 25NX Excavators, Rubber Tracks, Front Blade, 1199, and 1569 Hours, s/nWD002100, s/nWD000789

Terramite T5C Loader/Backhoe, 708 Hours, s/n2850115

QTY. (2) Bil-Jax 3632T Towable Bucket Lifts, Hydraulic Boom , Electric/Telescoping, 36ft.

QTY. (2) Uni-Lift Champ 5442KB Towable Bucket Lifts, 42ft, Electric/Telescoping. NOTE 1 Machine Needs Repair

QTY (2) Uni-Lift Champ 538C Towable Bucket Lift, 34ft, Electric/Telescoping, NOTE 1 Machine Needs Repair.

Haulotte 2747E Scissor Lift, Electric, 27ft.

Haulotte 2032 Scissor Lift, Electric, 20ft.

QTY. (2) Vermeer SC252 Stump Grinder, w/Towable Trailers

Vermeer BC600 Brush Chipper, Towable

Ditch Witch 1030 Walkbehind Trencher, w/Trailer

Airman PDS1855 Towable Air Compressor

Clark Industrial Forklift, Propane

Clark Industrial Forklift, Want Run

Genie AWP-30S Personnel Lift, 31ft., Electric-V, Vertical/26ft. Platform

Genie SLC-24 Cable Lift, 24ft. Telescoping

QTY.(2) Genie SLC-18 Cable Lift, 18ft. Telescoping

QTY. (2) Log Splitters, Gas, Hydraulic, Towable

Assortment of Dry Wall Lifts

Outback Brush Cutter, Gas Walkbehind

Assortment of Bluebird Verticut, Gas Walkbehind

Assortment of Bluebird Power Rakes, Gas Walkbehind

Vermeer Stump Grinder, Gas, Walkbehind

Dosko Stump Grinder, Gas, Walkbehind

Assortment of Gas, Walkbehind Lawn Mowers

Assortment of Honda Tillers, Gas,

Billy Goat Lawn Vacuum

QTY. (5) Ryan 18” Sod Cutters

Turfco Lawn Aerator

QTY. (2) EZ Trencher, 7”, Gas, Walkbehind

QTY. (2) EZ Trencher, 13”, Gas, Walkbehind

QTY. (2) Woodchuck Stump Grinders

Large Assortment of Lawn and Garden Equipment

Large Assortment of Hardware Items

Large Assortment of Stihl Cut-Off, Chain, and Masonry Saws

Large Assortment of Pressure Washers

Large Assortment of Electric Hammers & Drills

QTY. (7) Bosch 80lb Electric Hammers

QTY. (3) Bomag Plate Compactors

QTY. (2) Stow Water Pumps, 3” Diaphragm

QTY. (2) Centrifugal Pumps

Assortment of Edco Floor Grinders

Assortment of Edco Floor Saws

Procut Floor Saws

Assortment of Screw Jacks

Assortment of Bottle Jacks

QTY. (7) MK Tile Saws

Assortment of M-T-M Gas Air Compressor

Assortment of Electric Air Compressors

QTY. (3) Airlessco SL810 Air Paint Sprayers

QTY.(2) Floor Strippers

QTY. (10) Sewer Snakes

Assortment of Cement and Mortar Mixers

Large Assortment of Scafolding

Large Assortment of Aluminum Walkboards

QTY. (4) Metal Benders

Wacker Articulating Roller, Gas, Ride-On

Large Assortment of Shop Tools and Equipment

Shop Fans

Assortment of 2-Wheel Dollys

QTY. (2) Roller Magnets

QTY. (2) Towable Gas Cookers

Assortment of Folding Chairs

Assortment of Tables

Assortment of Ladders



Trucks & Trailers

2003 Chevy 3500 Truck, Duramax Diesel, Automatic, vin#E261319

1999 Chevy 2500 Pickup Truck,w/ Hydraulic Tailgate, vin#F060660

1996 Ford F-150 Pickup Truck, NOTE: Needs Repair, vin#A14156

1995 Ford F-250 Pickup Truck, vin#B57954

2005 Gooseneck Trailer,w/ Hydraulic Lift and Winch

Large Assortment of Trailers, Electric Hydraulic Dump, Utility, Flatbed, Equipment Hauling, Tilt, and Car Dolly